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People are already sharing word-of-mouth what you did to make them happy. Finding your best supporters, creating a process and the right platforms to leverage their passion and stimulate conversations about your brand is what we can do to help.


Being seen on the World Wide Web is an ever-changing game. Walch helps you find cost-affordable ways to stay visible to your prospects across the online and mobile worlds.


Creating integrated social media platforms and fresh, relevant content to reach your target is a must in today's marketing world. These social platforms create meaningful engagement with your clients and prospects--often before they even go to your website or through your front door. 

​Social Media

Making sure your clients see you, hear you, talk about you

You have the best advocates who will gladly toot your horn--

clients, employees

and others that make up your own "fan club." You've put a lot into building that "club" with quality products and service delivery. Why not more intentionally leverage the good things they have to say? Research shows people will take their word for it over yours any day.

Walch operates under the belief that Paid media (search, display, outdoor, traditional media), Earned media (word-of-mouth, PR), and Owned media (websites, printed materials) work best when they are blended. They have to be designed to work in concert to ensure prospects see who you are and what you have to offer.





Marketing isn't just guesswork or trying something new to see what sticks. As we plan with you, we carefully evaluate the inclusion of traditional media including TV, print, radio, outdoor and other broadcast channels. We help you better understand your prospects, how they see your brand, what media best engage them, to create a focused media plan that results in solid ROI.

Breaking through the noise and being heard are critical to your business. Walch makes sure prospects see your brand and hear what you are really about. This builds trust and a real relationship that makes prospects know you are there to meet their needs. Walch insures your message and the channel you spread it on are spot on.

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